Q. I am 26 years old, about to get married. My erection does last long. I fear I may not satisfy my partner. My penis measures about six inches. I haven’t seen any increase in its size since the last two-three years.

A. Nobody should expect their penis to grow after 18 years of age. You don’t have any problem. Go for premarital counselling before you get married.

Q. I am 19 years old. My penis is bent towards the left. will this create a problem in my future sexlife? Will I be able to have successful intercourse? Please help.

A. Please consult a urologist andrologist. It all depends on how much the bend and the deviation is.

Q. What is an orgasm? Can it be seen or one just experiences it?

A. Orgasm is the culmination of the pleasure of the sexual act both in men and women. Some signs like heavy breathing, tense muscles can be seen. It is rather felt than seen.

Q. I am 30 years old; I got married earlier this year. My wife is four monhts pregnant. Is sexual intercourse safe at this time? Till what period is it safe ?

A. It is usually permitted till the eighth month. Please get an okay from your gynaecologist. take the side-to-side position or approach from the rear in the vagina. Avoid the missionary position.

Q. I am a 21 years old and I masturbate regularly. Recently, my left testicle has been paining also it is swollen It is this due to masturbation ?

A. Check with the doctor. The cause of pain could be as simple as you sitting on it or it could be a physical problem.

Q. Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant even if she is a virgin ? What if a guy ejaculates around the vagina without interesting his penis ?

A. Sperms swim at a very fast speed and can enter the vagina. Occasionally the pre-lubricating fluid also contains stray sperms.

Q. One of my testicles is larger than the other. Is it all right ?

A. Realy are both the testicles identical. In fact the left one hangs lower in 85% of cases. It is nothing to worry about.

Q. I feel during sex. What could be the reason ?

A. There may be a host of reasons for painful intercourse. Pain on initial penetration is often due to infection, spasm of the vaginal muscles or inadequate lubrication. Pain on deeper thrusting may be caused by endometriosis, adhesions (scar tissue), a retroverted (backward-tilting) uterus or fibroids.

Q. What are common STD symptoms ?

A. STD symptoms vary, but the most common are soreness, unusual lumps or sores, itching, pain when urinating, and / or an unusual discharge from the genitals.

Q. My Husband is having problem with his penile erection. I try lot but it is not as hard as it used to be in the past. Please suggest some solution ?

A. Here there is loss of libido. It is erectile dysfunction. This problem should be treated as early as possible, because it later stage medicines fail to respond. In Early stage this can be managed with oral medicines specially invented by us.

Q. I am working as Mechanical Engineer in Saudi. I have a problem related to my penis, after got erected it’s difficult to peel the foreskin. But when it is in the normal stage, there is no problem. Can you help me for solving this problem ? thanks.

A. You seem to have a tight (penile) foreskin. If it is so you need to undergo a minor surgery known as “Circumcision”